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The usage web-function has now been supplemented with additional recursive dependency capabilities. A collateral and detailed dependency view is now available as a separate tab to all units in Model Builder.


The collateral tab provides an overview of the most critical dependencies, and the detailed tab provides a recursive tree view off all available dependents to a unit. Dependencies will serve as a powerful governance tool for tracing where and how units are used throughout inorigo, read more here.  

Application Builder save no longer enters “run mode”

Since applications are intended to run in browsers, the automatic toggle to run mode after a save has been disabled.


Automated Attributes

Automated Attributes is a significant improvement to the configuration of Attributes for input panels. It provides several new capabilities with its dynamic automation options.

We’ve replaced the Fixed and Default Value options with three Modes and four Settings. Use these in various combinations to tailor any attributes behavior to your need. Read more here.


Refer to attributes within an input panel

It’s now possible to refer to any attribute, from any attribute within an input panel via Expressions, this way of fetching values from other units is useful for automation configurations. Read this guide on how to format such expressions.

Multiple Attribute Values Handling

If a multiplicity is set to more than one, an attribute may have more than one attribute value. Knowledge Sets are now capable of displaying multiple attribute values, where each value is displayed on a new row.

Warning issued in Model Builder

As using multiple attribute values may reduce an information models sustainability, a warning is now issued whenever such a multiplicity is given for an attribute in Model Builder.


Rights for Web Page Components

Rights are now checked for all web page component states. It causes buttons or links to be disabled (visibly unclickable) when they lead users to Applications or resources that they lack access to.

Database Failover Support

A multiSubnetFailover configuration support has been added in order to support recovery / failover in case of connection loss between the server and database

New methods for Application Runtime APIs

We’ve introduced three new APIs that enables
  • Hide visible web components, including docked panels or tabs.
  • Activate/deactivate web components
  • Making web components read only when using create/update
Read more in the Web Services documentation  

Knowledge Set Validity checks

Knowledge Sets now have certain requirements to be saved to ensure their validity and the uniqueness of columns. This is to ensure that mapping and column referencing functions as intended.  

Resolved Issues

Fix Version(s) Key Summary
4.12 ID-4564 KS export – does not include empty cells
4.12 ID-4562 XML data sources contains invalid data
4.12 ID-4521 Focus in Embedded
4.12 ID-4496 Query Builder: sub-queries appear to the right instead of below
4.12 ID-4494 Application Builder – open copy will split tabs into windows


Known Issues

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